Despite the horrific nature of the attack and the grueling surgeries and rehabilitation the suit says Rickles had to endure, Gus was rescued by the woman who'd originally brought him to Rickles, Jennifer L. Bitney says Romano appealed to the judge, who allowed Gus to live so long as Milan's Dog Psychology Center then agreed to take the pit bull and rehabilitate it at Millan's center, according to the 27-page lawsuit.

The Dog Whisperer, as he's known, did not have contact with the animal in question, his lawyers say.

In 208 BC, the Qin Chinese renegade general Zhao Tuo defeated An Dương Vương, the king of Âu Lạc in north Vietnam and conquered the Âu Lạc Kingdom, an ancient Vietnamese state situated in the northern mountains of modern Vietnam populated by the ancient Lạc Việt and Âu Việt.

According to the Han dynasty historian Sima Qian, King Goujian of Yue was descended from the legendary Yu the Great.

In 512 BC, Wu launched a large expedition against the large state of Chu, based in the Middle Yangtze River.

By the 3rd millennium BC, the successor Liangzhu culture shows some influence from the Longshan-era cultures due to trade and commerce.

From the 9th century BC, two northern Yue peoples, the Gou-Wu and Yu-Yue, were increasingly influenced by their Chinese neighbours to their north.

A similar campaign in 506 succeeded in sacking the Chu capital Ying.

Also in that year, war broke out between Wu and Yue and continued with breaks for the next three decades.

In 473 BC, Goujian finally conquered Wu and was acknowledged by the northern states of Qi and Jin. After the fall of Yue, the ruling family moved south to what is now Fujian and established the Minyue kingdom.

The Yayoi people, the ancient people of Wa, in Japan are genetically and archeologically linked to the early people of the Yangtze-river and share several cultural aspects with them.

These two states were based in the areas of what is now southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang, respectively.