In 2010 she was nominated for Best Actress at the British Soap Awards.

Stephen Mc Gann played the role of Sean Reynolds, but before he joined the show in 1999, the actor, who comes from a family of actors began his acting career in 1982 where he starred in the musical Yakety Yak.

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Lorraine Chase joined Emmerdale in 2002 when she was cast as Steph Forsythe.

In fact, in a funny turn of events, the producers picked her to play Tricia Stokes’ mom due to her resemblance to the real-life actress who played her, Sheree Murphy.

There’s good and bad in every genre, whether it’s films, television or theatre, but I have to say I think I’ve picked a good soap.’ Mc Gann serves as a public speaker of science, after all, he has a master’s degree in Science Communication from Imperial College London.

Adele Silva appeared on the show on and off in different years playing the role of the troublemaker, Kelly Windsor, who returns to stir things up on the farm.

Emma Atkins is mostly known for her role as Charity Tate on the soap opera where she appeared from 2000 to 2005 and later from 2009 and on.

Being on the show was actually the first time she appeared on a British show.

Chittell is 68 years old, and although his Emmerdale character has been married multiple times, in reality, things have looked quite differently.

In fact, the actor has only tied the knot for the first time lat year when he married his co-star, Lesley Dunlop who plays the role of Brenda Walker in Cornwall. The two started dating not long after Lesley joined the cast on 2008.

Chittel has played the role of Eric Pollard on the successful soap opera for over thirty years as he’s been on the show since 1986.