This example in the 50s forest green glaze in in spectacular condition.

This example in the 50s Rose glaze in in spectacular condition.

Circa 1938: The bread and butter plate is an essential part of a tablewares selection.

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These hand-picked HLC pieces are from my personal collection and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Circa 1936-1946: Great early vintage fiesta carafe in original creamy ivory glaze.

Probably designed as a water pitcher to keep water ice cold in the warm summer months.

This example boasts no chips, cracks, repairs, touch-ups or use with a fully intact cork and nice straight hand-applied finial.

Circa 1936-1941/1959-1969: Vintage red Fiesta glaze remains one of the most desirable and highly sought after colors, made in less quantities and for shorter amounts of time, it is usually the vintage red that is missing from collections.

Circa 1937-1969: Even though the turquoise glaze wasn't one of the original Fiesta glazes introduced in 1936, it outlasted 4 out of five of those initial glazes, remaining popular and in production until the end of the original run of the first Fiesta pottery.

Circa 1936-1951: The plate is the backbone of a potteries line, and it is here on the Century shape plate that the simple, scalloped edges on all four corners harken to the art deco era.

Circa 1951-1959: Fiesta plates are the backbone of the pottery line and they were produced in four different sizes for the entire length of the vintage line.

This 50s gray, inkstamped version is in very good condition.

It's a perfect size and what we use in our house for everyday dinner.

Plates were made upside down on the jiggering machine and the rings were tooled in by hand.

This original green 7" Fiesta salad plate is in very good condition ready for your home.