I will likely continue with the Pill after I give birth, as it seems to work best for my body, and I don't plan on having any more children." —Ashley Frantz Jones, Facebook "I grew up going to a religious school that taught us that sex and sexuality were shameful and wrong, especially for a woman, and especially if you didn’t want children.

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Pain meds did nearly nothing, and it'd be so bad that I wouldn't be able to go to school. I now live with light periods that last maybe three days max.

I still get cramps, but they're absolutely nothing compared to the hell I went through in the beginning.

When I switched to a hormone pill, it decreased significantly with no side effects.

Best choice I made for sure." —victoriaw471707f3e "I have a Nexplanon implant, which I originally got to make my period cramps less life-consuming, but I soon realized that it really helps with my depression.

Going on birth control has been the best decision I’ve ever made and it allows me to live a normal life again.

I’m sure other women with PCOS can relate as well." —sammyp41e71fcd6 "I use birth control because my body craves sex (with my consensual partner) and that craving shouldn't result in creating a life that I simply would not be able to support now or, possibly, ever. Ten years of control over my own body that doesn't include hormones (I have depression and anxiety and was worried that hormonal birth control would exacerbate those issues), that I don't have to think about on a daily basis, and that I can use as part of a plan for safe sex whenever necessary." —Kristen Schebler, Facebook "I use birth control because in freshman year of college I was having a heavy period every two weeks with cramps so bad that I couldn't attend class or work, exhaustion, hot flashes, diarrhea, back pain, nausea, etc.

I'm a dancer and dance teacher, so I can't imagine having to try to go to work now with the cramps and bleeding I used to deal with." —Kylie Casino, Facebook "I use birth control because before I was on the Pill, every time I got my period I would get cramps so bad I would throw up and pass out wherever I was at the time.

The Pill has made it so I feel safe going places during my time of the month."—trex954 "I have an IUD because I nearly died while pregnant.

Hormonal birth control lowers my risk for ovarian cancer (which is difficult to screen for and catch early) and basically keeps me alive.