By the year 2000 Reality TV had changed mass spectatorship forever. | Ω | Am I bemoaning the selling out of live theatre audiences? After a show like that, you might feel assured that artists will always keep supplying audiences with homemade solutions from the future, keep delivering that particular alive magic, vulnerable and unquantifiable tho it is.

Who else would be brave enough to procure collective wonderment just hours before it vanishes?

Within a year Melissa was writing and performing in such downtown venues as Here, PS122, Cornelia Street Cafe, and Dixon Place.

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She experienced a similar angst when she left Wells Fargo.

In the end, she decided that she had to make the best decision for herself, despite peer opinion.

It is deeply satisfying to see the products and programs that, for the most part, all have legal work in the background, from producing national programs, to promoting STEM education for girls, to highlighting Minnesotan artists.”The most challenging aspect of her work is staying on top of new legal issues and developments that affect TPT.

When she worked at Wells Fargo, she explains, she specialized in employment law.

In late 2001, Melissa returned to Minneapolis to produce the Tuesday night new performance revue Red Curtain Cabaret at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

A few months later, she was joined onstage by pianist Stevie Pomije, with whom for over two years she would re-codify dozens of signature country, jazz and B-side innovations and the soft-rock success The Elton John Show.Fortunately, she had enough self-confidence to seek out the career that best suited her.Short story: “Don’t let others define success for you.Her solo characters, singing style, and one-woman shows courted the mainstream while suspending conventional rules of spectatorship, working with jazz wunderkinds Drew Jansen, Eugene Huddleston and Dan Chouinard.In 1997, cabaret bookings brought her to New York's midtown clubs.In 2016, Melissa had the exclusive privilege of serving as the Artistic Director for the 2016 Bare Bones Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza, , 2009, presented by Open Eye Figure Theater/New Works-In-Progress. | Ω | It's okay to distrust the question or question what I mean.