We were I'm open and loving and mysterious and challenging all at once.

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i enjoy hiking, camping, bbqs, any thing outdoors in genral, kicking back with friends, watching movies, playing pool, live music, theatricals shows, trying new things.

i am A little about me: I have a passion for pets, photography, the great outdoors, gardening, wining and dining as well as socialising and I just love being by the seaside = a beach babe at heart.

Im an easy going person, energetic, can be a big joker never really take life to seriously I have a unique sense of humour, a shining smile and enchanting blue eyes. I was living away from Sydney for 5 years and just moved back last Nicole here, I love gaming online with my friends, reading and going to dog parks.

I am independent with an open mind and diverse personality. I am a social person but I also value and need my own Hi :) I'm Beth and I'm a piano teacher. The rest of my week involves working full time, playing kiss-chasey with my cat, waiting hand and foot on the smartest puppy you will ever meet and/or DIY-ing my home I have tattoo pericing I work away as a cook.

I prefer a picnic lunch than to sitting in Hi everyone.

I am looking for new friends, just like to meet some new women to share fun times.

On a typical Saturday night (if there is such a thing) we would be: - out having dinner, Asian maybe - my current favourite: Japanese.

- watching a movie at the local, beautifully restored cinema - not a blockbuster, but something with substance.

I have 2 degrees - one in creative industries and one in music, and I am drawn to other people who are interested in creative expression, be that making silly poems on the fridge out of magnet words I like spending time with my family and friends. I am into spiritual growth just turn vegan and must say I am not a crazy negative one you eat meat that is fine I don't care.