Three days later the marriage took place, and next Wladyslaw Jagiello was crowned as the king of Poland.

Jadwiga was a tall and beautiful girl with red hair.

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But Queen Jadwiga was mainly known for her gentleness, courage, wisdom and care for her subjects.

This choice gave Poland stability and prosperity for the next few hundred years.

She had a strong personality and confident character.

She really cared for the fostering of faith in Lithuania.

She was the daughter of the monarch of Hungary and Poland – Louis and Elizabeth of Bosnia – in her veins flowed the blood of French, Polish, Hungarian and Bosnian ancestors.

In the XIVth century the political situation in Eastern Europe was fairly tense.Surrounded by wire, it can be seen in one of the corners of the church of the Carmelites, at ul. Queen Jadwiga really cared for her relationship with Jesus and did a lot to bring Him closer to her relatives and subjects. She also cared for the spread of the Word of God, funding a translation of the Holy Bible and the writings of the fathers of the church for Wawel Cathedral.She wished that the Lord would be praised there with the psalms without ceasing, so she established a special Psalterist college of sixteen people who praised God night and day. She chose the good of her subjects and country, which she reigned over.Jadwiga Andegawenska was born on February 18, 1374 in Buda (presently: Budapest).Queen Jadwiga, moved by the man’s misery, leaning over pulled a slipper from her foot and unfastened from it a golden buckle, which she offered him.