A Jamaican wedding is fun and has its own fair share of traditions and customs.

Some of the wedding traditions are still followed today, while others have been discarded as people in Jamaica adopted new and modern lifestyles.

As for the entertainment, ring games and dances on traditional music are planned at the reception. The common dance at the weddings is quadrille, which all the family members, the couple, the maid of honor as well as the best man participate in.

Although now, if the father is absent at the wedding, the mother escorts the bride down the aisle.

The bride's face is covered with a veil and it is the husband who lifts it during the ceremony.

Anyone who comes for the reception, is served food and no one is ever refused hospitality.

The guests are expected to stay late at the wedding reception.

The money that is collected through this bidding is then presented to the couple, which they can use for starting their new life. The arrangements for a Jamaican wedding are primarily the responsibility of the bride and the groom itself.

Like an American wedding, in a Jamaican wedding, the bride is escorted by her father or both father and mother, down the aisle.

At Jamaican wedding receptions, a dark rum-fruitcake is served to all the guests.

This cake is full of dry fruits, such as prunes, raisins and cherries.

If the wedding is in a village, all the village people stand on the streets to have a look at the bride.

The couple signs the wedding certificate, during the ceremony, to officially declare themselves as man and wife. One of the strangest traditions is that on the day of the wedding, the street near the church is lined up with people.

Those close friends and relatives, who are unable to attend the reception due to some reason, are thereafter mailed this cake, once the reception is over.