Don’t be afraid to love someone more than they love you. Or better yet, let’s celebrate other people’s wins.Looking at a few sample love notes might be enough to help you figure out how to write one of your own.

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Sometimes at night, I lay there listening to the rhythm of your breathing because it fills me with happiness to know you're there.

Snuggling up to you brings me a sense of contentment that I never knew before.

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You can add a love note anywhere and your spouse’s day will instantly improve.

Do we do this because we are scared to be proud of ourselves?

Are we worried that people will think we are egotistical assholes who pump their own tires? I am scared to celebrate myself because I don’t want other people to think I’m a dick.

If you have a spouse whose love language is gifts or words of affirmation this is the perfect little surprise!

We have 12 different BEAUTIFUL love notes that you simply need to print, cut, attach! Have you ever had that song on the radio that instantly takes you back to a place, a specific memory, you can picture everything about the moment because of the song?! You can relate to them, you have people tied to them and you have emotions about them! I know that when "our" song comes on the radio I am instantly taken back to the moment he first told me that he loved me! Continue Reading Darling Printable Postcards to Send to Your Spouse!

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