Even though there are several routing options When you Select shortest options in long distance the Navman take you through small lanes including private Lanes sometimes from the motorway or HWY and come back to the same road later I bought my navman n60i to replace a tom tom which i hated..working as a european hgv driver it taken the stress out of finding companies all over europe..although suited to the normal motorist i have never had any problems with it sending me down roads which are just not made for hgvs overall its been very good Unit let down by pathetic Navman Support.Difficult PC interface - has to be main USB outlet.

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Besides taking unnecessary time and effort this frequently lead to disappointment and frustration as the coffee jug was often found empty.

Now, one could (and rightly so) argue that this is not a real problem as getting up from your desk chair every once in a while is, as a matter of fact, better for your health than just sitting all day.

This is, however, the very reason that made the entire project enjoyable to them..

Just as with clients’ websites, they started by setting a goal: to know when there was fresh coffee without the need to leave their desks.

They used a Raspberry Pi computer with a webcam to capture images of the coffee maker at regular intervals.'Altogether they estimate that they have labelled around 10 000 images to match one of the four categories; no coffee, little coffee, full of coffee, unknown (for example, if something is blocking the camera view).'ilities and further integrated into Slack.

Now, whenever a giosg crew member wants to know whether there is fresh coffee, all he or she needs to do is to write '/coffee' into company general discussion in Slack and the coffee bot will respond.It shows several Routing options like sortest, easiast, economy,and fastest.Can only plug in at back of Desktop - will not accept input via any other USB connection.In addition, our team is also particular about getting their coffee at its very best regarding optimum brew time and temperature.The coffee supply had never been a bottleneck until we moved office to new premises little over a year ago.For, although our new office is otherwise a lot nicer than the old one, the downside was that most teams, consequently, lost direct visibility to the kitchen area and the two coffee makers.