This is how the tricks work; a white woman arrives from Europe, and manages to get a young male Ghanaian to help her get around town.

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She now mentors 12 young girls, nicknamed The Sunday Morning Girls," whose lives are forever changed, thanks to Auntie Dawn.

Tourists who travel to destinations purposely to have sex abound everywhere and the tricks they employ to trap innocent people to engage in their wicked acts are very simple but really works.

It is part of my business to interview tourists to Ghana and some of them do confess having engaged in sex both homosexual and heterosexual. Sex tourists who wish to visit Ghana would visit chat sites on Ghana and gradually establish friendship with some of our unsuspecting youth and build their confidence over time, the conversation slowly gets to the promise of marriage, that our youth see as opportunity to travel to Europe or America.

As for our young women, majority of whom are from neighboring Nigeria, and Cote d’ voire together with their Ghanaian counterparts, are nothing but professional prostitutes in business. These on-line fiancées would definitely arrive here, engage in multiple sex with our youth and then go back with the promise of going to get travel documents ready and that will be the end of that story.

The journalist disguised himself as a person looking for employment in the orphanage and he was employed.

He lived in the orphanage for six months and uncovered that the place has been turned into a business venture by the manageress of the orphanage-Mrs Emma Boafo Yeboah.Many people who never intended to become prostitutes have become so, as they never ever realized they were being wooed into prostitution.In the Republic of The Gambia, and some other places, these same tricks that were applied by Scandinavian and other Western women into wooing some men into male prostitution are being applied on Ghanaian young men today.This is very dangerous especially these days of HIV / AIDS.Our people should be alert and be let into such dangerous relationships.I wish to say that, not all dreadlock spotting men are involved in this.