A man who is charged with gunning down a Clinton police officer has so far eluded a swarm of law enforcement officers, who are scouring fields, woods, abandoned buildings, homes and even empty school buses.

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Officials say officer Michael, a lifelong resident of Clinton, had been with the Clinton Police Department for less than a year.

Michael leaves behind a wife and stepsons."It's a tragedy, obviously, for his family, it's a tragedy for Clinton Police Department but it's a tragedy for this community," Lowe said.

It's possible that those warrants prompted Mc Carthy to shoot Michael to avoid arrest, Lowe said.

He also could have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or not in his right mind for some reason, but "it's hard to say unless we have him here to ask," Lowe said.

Bill Lowe."And when you are dealing with someone who is armed and dangerous, it makes it more complex," Lowe said.

"We have to make sure our officers are safe, while also making sure no one else is hurt."Authorities focused Tuesday afternoon on a home in Chilhowee, MO about 25 miles northwest of Clinton.He decided in his 30s to become a police officer and served in Appleton City for a short time before joining the force in Clinton.Survivors include his wife, three children and a grandchild.Court records don't indicate the outcome of that case.Authorities searched a home in the area but came up empty-handed.on Green Street south of Missouri Route 13 near the Henry County Library. Bill Lowe says Clinton police officer Gary Michael, 37, was shot after the driver of a stopped dark gray Dodge Nitro got out of the vehicle and fired a round that hit him.