All these men are attracted to real girls, and see trannies as females with something extra.

Much has been written about the men who like to switch their suits for designer frocks, but little is known about those who worship them. Excited groups of dolled-up divas dance around their handbags, the sequins on their outfits twinkling in the disco lights.

Just what is it that makes them hunger for these extra-special ladies? Their skirts are short and their heels are high, but already my attention is wandering to the middle-aged man standing watching at the bar, In his mid- to late forties and nursing a pint, the man taps his toes in time with the music.

It used to be easy to spot our gay friends – cos they were better dressed.

It would be true to say that in early years of the club you guys were often socialy inept, never took off their overcoat and lets face it, some of you were not that attractive.

And who cannot be labelled in a simple way will not only find themselves wrongly categorised but also, by being wrongly categorised, is forever doomed to be misunderstood.

Everyone knows what gay and straight means, just as everyone knows what a transvestite is, but there is no label for a man who is attracted to transvestites.

It would be totally wrong to think that a guy at The Way Out Club must be gay – after all what self respecting gay guy fancies a ‘girl’ (even if she has got a cock).

Of course we love to see gay guys at the club and many of us have gay friends who love the club.

I discussed this matter with Martin, the second admirer I met at The Way Out Club.