The tree(s) that I am concerned about is/are [beech/oak/pine etc] located [describe location e.g. I have marked the trees on the enclosed rough sketch map so that you can clearly identify which tree(s) in particular cause me concern.

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The tree provided privacy to my garden and the upstairs windows.

He has without my permission previously cut branches over hanging his property, which I accept he is entitled to do, although he never consulted with me.

In conclusion, may I ask if you have a letter template covering this type of complaint. As the neighbour, you can cut back anything that overhangs your side of the boundary.

You should offer back any branches that you have removed, but the tree owner does not have to accept them.

I am desperate and this is causing extra stress and making my health to suffer.

They have also damaged my path when they rushed to erect the fence before I moved in because I believe they have also stolen part of my land and after being advised through a neighbour who has contact with the previous owners sisters they had already done on the previous owner due to his poor health.

They may however charge any cost of doing so to you, and that is likely to cost more than if you initially carried out the work.

I am keen to resolve this amicably; we are after all neighbours!

My next door neighbour has an oak tree, the canopy of which has now spread beyond the width of their garden and is now encroaching into my air space, which I understand is classified as "trespass".

Please advise if this is correct and do I have the right to insist that it be cut back or do I have to be polite and request that the over hanging branches be removed. In general a tree owner is not obliged to remove branches that overhang a boundary into a neighbour's garden.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated Last summer my neighbour planted a tree right in front of my kitchen window, about 5 foot from my house wall. A sale of land between previous owners means that house wall with kitchen window in it is only accessible through their garden.