The Town Square, or otherwise known as George Washington Memorial Park, serves as the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Originating as a park in 1934, the Town Square is most known for its distinctive arches that serve as gateways to the park.

One of the Western NC Webcams that we previously used for displaying images of the ski slopes at Hawksnest Ski area, this Banner Elk Cam is now the most unique of the NC Web Cams because, while it is a Mountain Web Cam , it also displays images of what’s going on at the zipline course and largest snow tubing park in the states at Hawksnest Resort.

Check out what’s happening at one of our favorite Banner Elk Attractions!

Fun in Jackson Hole Whether you are within the town limits or outside the Jackson Hole town limits, there is so much to see and do.

With 97 percent of the land in Teton county owned by the state and federal government, only 3 percent of the land within the county is privately owned.

Present day Jackson Hole is an eclectic destination offering a small town atmosphere with big city culture.

The Jackson Hole Center for the Arts is a million dollar facility that hosts a wide variety of performances and shows varying from art, music, and dance year-round.Bridger, Jedediah Smith, and Sublette are all named after some of the mountain men.After a winter spent on the shores of Jackson Lake, David Edward 'Davey' Jackson became the namesake of the Jackson Hole Valley as William Sublette named the valley after his Rocky Mountain Fur Company partner.The Beginnings of Jackson Hole Originally populated by Native American Tribes, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area in the winter of 18.Mountain men and fur trappers frequented the area with many of the men becoming namesakes of various locations throughout the valley.When you can't be here, it's always fun to take a peek and see what you are missing!