The thing that makes people raise their eyebrows is the shy smilies use…And Kim dating producer and director “Jett Natapong” from the Maker family, yet making claims she miss Mark so so so much.“Mark Prin” getting rile up over an IG post from “Mint Chalida’s” mother and quickly jump to LINE chat to cuss out Mint and her mom.

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Another icon of Puerta del Sol is the plaque 'Kilometre Zero' (Kilómetro Cero) on the pavement at the entrance of the House of the Post Office marking the center of the Spanish road network and the starting point from where all the Spanish most important distances are measured and the starting point of the main roads of Madrid such as Calle del Arenal, Calle de Alcalá, Calle Mayor, Calle Carretas and Calle Preciados.

LINE chat app is so popular that many celebrities use it everyday.

Of course, he has a girlfriend, “Nathalie Chiaravanond”. On the other hand, Kratai confirmed he was hitting on her and inviting her to his condo. But he stopped talking to Kratai now as he wants to stay faithful to his girlfriend…

_____ I summarize this article base from what I remember from the scandal and from Thairath.

“Kim Kimberley” and “Mark Prin’s” Line messages have been leaked online.

Kim who is dating “Jett Nattapong”, whose family owns Maker Productions, which includes Maker J, Maker Y and Maker Group for Channel 3.It looks all innocent but with Dome’s history of cheating and playboy image, people don’t buy it. “Art Phasut” being beaten in the game by transgender “Ploy” leaking the screenshot chat of him asking to go up in her condo.Well, according to Thairath, the truth revealed that Mai wasn’t the third hand in Dome’s doom relationship. This news cause a big fight with “Namfon Patcharon”, his girlfriend at the time.The website does not include the name of juvenile offenders or those convicted of incest to protect the identity of relatives who are victims.Sex offenders in California are required to re-register annually, filling out extensive paperwork on their activities and locations because there are rules prohibiting them from being close to schools, parks and other locations where children congregate.Misuse of this information may result in criminal prosecution.