An earlier questioner asked how metal blades in wet shavers lost their sharpness so easily on human hair.One answer said that alternating blades in a razor made each one last longer than if left in place until they became blunt.Why do I, or any other human, get sore and cracked heels?

The charity’s Katie Ghose, said: “Survivors of domestic abuse often do not want to support prosecutions because of a lack of trust in the criminal justice system, fear of repercussions of speaking out against the perpetrator or direct threats if they do so.

“That is why it is essential that the police give the right response, support and protection to survivors so that more women have the confidence to come forward and report domestic abuse.

So subsequently the Last Word posed a second question.

Does any reader know why alternating blades makes each one last longer?

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All the chat rooms have a standard of 100ms delay or much less. This suggests you speak with everyone in real time.“To have any credibility on fighting domestic violence the Conservatives have got to will the means to do it.” Domestic violence campaigners also said the take up of the new coercive control legislation by the police was “very low” and that the failure by police to arrest perpetrators of domestic violence was “unacceptable”.Sandra Horley CBE said: “Every day we support almost 6,000 women and children and we are repeatedly told about incidents where police disbelieve women or fail to investigate properly.Not 5 seconds later on or 12 mins after they seen the message.You are speaking to everyone in the chat area wihtout hold-up."We are encouraged that ONS stats published this week show that the police recorded 4246 offences of controlling or coercive behaviour in 2016/17.