I didn’t go too heavy with it, since I prefer a light distressing. One little step I like to do after sanding, is getting out a can of stain. Grab a q-tip and swipe a little stain on that bare wood that you’ve just sanded down. They fit in better with the black console table they are hanging out with.

🙂 So, join me today for another black spray paint project.

These 2 harp back chairs are yardsale finds (of course, they are!

* Click OK to create the GUID partition (this will reformat the drive, ie: all data is lost) * Next, click the “Restore” tab within Disk Utility * Select your newly made Snow Leopard 10.6 Install DVD image and restore this image to the GUID partition you just created OR…

* Alternatively, you can select the Snow Leopard Install DVD and restore directly from the DVD to the GUID partition * After the restoration is complete, your GUID partition will now be bootable by Mac OS X!

DHCP was behaving particularly strange and the automatic settings pulled from my router were dropping every few seconds.

I’m reposting this here not only as some sort of catharsis but also in the event that it helps someone else troubleshoot their wireless problems in 10.6.

After drying about 10 minutes, the chairs are ready for their spray paint debut. If it does start to drip, keep a paper towel handy to blot it before it dries that way.

Not always easy to do if there is any wind outside. So, do you have something that needs a can of black spray paint to renew and revive? I'm Rhoda, from Atlanta, GA and I love decorating and DIY projects.

* Reboot the Mac holding down the “Option” key to pull up the boot loader, select the Snow Leopard install drive you just created rather than your default Mac OS hard drive * Install Snow Leopard as usual!