January 2015 he starred in the "Robin Hood" musical; March 10, he sang the ost "Till I reach your star" for the drama "Ho Goo's Love"; April 7, he collaborated with Lee Moon Sae for the song "She's coming" that was recorded in Lee Moon Sae"s 15th official album(and it's the first time Lee Moon Sae has collaborated with another singer in 16yrs); April 10, he joined in the new reality show "Fluttering India" along with Shinee Minho, Cnblue Jonghyun, Infinite Sunggyu, & Exo Suho.I don't ship them as a couple (yet) but really like their friendship.Jessica said, "I think they're even more careful now." Yuri then followed, "The reality is a shame, seeing as how they revealed the truth but the public is more focused on them now." When the five were asked if they would also "publicize their dating status," Jessica stated, "You end up revealing it when you're caught." After this was said, Kyuhyun then told her, "Be careful so you don't get caught." Once Kyuhyun said this, Jessica then replied by saying with a wicked smile, "You be careful.

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May 12, 2009 Super Junior's 3rd full album "Sorry Sorry" was released; May 2, SJ-m release their chinese mini album "Super Girl"; May 14, their repackage album "It's you" as released; June 24, KRY sang a ost called "Dream Hero" for the drama "Partner"; 2011 Kyuhyun became official mc for reality show "Radio Star; March 15, he sang the ost "Hope is a dream that never sleep' for korean drama "King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo".; April 8, he particpated in the musical "the three masketeers"; between August to September, he participated in the singing reality show "Immortal Song 2" and won twice; 2 August, 5 full/official album "Mr simple"From December 2012 to February 2013, he was cast as Frank Abagnale Jr. From March 2013 to April 2013, he was cast as D'Artagnan for the re-run of musical The three musketeers.

January 2014, he starred in the musical "Moon that Embraces the Sun"; March 21, SJ-M released their 3rd mini album "Swing"; In June he starred in the "Singing in the rain" musical; September 1st, Super junior's 7th official/full album "Mamacita was released"; Just two hours upon its online release, the solo album's title track "At Gwanghwamun" started to top several major music sites and in 12 hours Kyuhyun achieved an all-kill by placing his song "At Gwanghwamun" at the top of all nine digital Korean charts.

SONES, did any of the answers in-which they stated shock you?

you and your musical updates ♥Excuse still wrecks me, I've had it on repeat for quite a while. It's just incredibly impressive, especially considering his attitude in the first song/act.

Each of the members pondered and thought which guy was handsome to consider their ideal man.

First female to speak up was Taeyeon as she chose Heechul.

Then Tiffany came out who had some difficulty deciding which Kyuhyun "helped her" out by saying Siwan; which she laughed as well agreed.

Bubbly and full of aegyo Sunny was laughing so hard by choosing Kyuhyun which they happily teased Kyuhyun.

First topic The first topic to start the show was to explain which member from all of the Super Junior members did they like as well consider their ideal type.

Kim Gu Ra who is the host, brought this topic out first.

Not only was his title song which hit the charts, but all of his tracks made their way to top 10 in most music actor Park Sunghwan.