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Beautiful Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk, gained recognition for her appearance as Lana Lang in the show Smallville.

She trained in both karate and gymnastics at a national level.

I've been lucky." For someone who has been working for so long in showbusiness, there is little gossip about her.

She has reportedly been dating Canadian actor Mark Hildreth, 37, for the past 11 years.

She says: "It's not like I'm hiding something - I think I'm just boring.

What I do and how I am don't lend to anything scandalous.

Kristin also recently decided to leave her acting job.

Fans were anticipating anxiously engagement celebration. Nevertheless, Kreuk said that she wanted to move to production work instead of acting.

She is keeping low profile but we know that she is currently dating her long-term boyfriend who is a hot Canadian actor. Kristin Kreuk began dating fellow actor Mark Hildreth in 2004.

Although 34-yars old actress is in happy relationship that she clearly adores, she doesn’t seem to rush into things.

She says that at her first audition, she was booked for a job "which ended up going to series".

That series was Edgemont (2001 - 2005), a family drama where she played an aspiring film-maker.

Canadian actress who played major roles in the series Edgemont and Smallville.