The callgirl outfit uses the career outfit while the Escort use the formal outfit. If a sim feels lonely, he/she can use the phone to request Call Girl service.

After a few minutes, the Call Girl will come to his home to satisfy all his fantasies.

WTF: Like Short Term Arousal, this is a situational value. It increases with nakedness, teasing and frustration (the more you can't have something, the more you want it). All sims are able to perform autonomous interactions.

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Warning, solo interactions have no impact on Long Term Arousal because the self attraction is zero.

Increases with stimulation and decreases with time.

The higher the long term arousal is the faster the short term arousal increases and the slower it decreases.

Short Term Arousal determines the sims hunger for sex.

Is an exponential value computed from Short Term Arousal and used in all woohoo functions scoring.

Flirting sims that get to the irresistible level are more likely to accept woohoo propositions when horny.

Flirty, seductive, hot (short term context) will increase the scoring for kinkywoohoo.

There are other ways to help/force other sims to accept woohoo propositions.

For those who aren’t seated at one of the exclusive tables, there are two full bars to suit your appetite. Mai-Tai Fridays: Bringing party people together DJ Pyro spinning sounds of Hip-Hop, Dance, Mash-Ups & Top 40.

A mix of hip-hop and house music keeps everyone dancing. Provocateur Saturdays: THE Hottest Party in Dallas with DJ Pyro spinning Dance, Hip-Hop, Electro and Top 40.

Lose your inhibitions, and enjoy the evening at Kinki Lounge. Plenty of eye candy – aerialist, gogo dancers, horseman, fire-eater, and much more.