| ------------------------------- Brett: We're finally here!


Now when you get started it will explain what is going on and then you can begin your game.

5) Use Item (It really does not matter what you choose, but let's go with 3) Brett: What?!

Now you can use the touch screen or the D pad and buttons to choose your answers.

Extras: Art Gallery- Here you can see all of the art you unlocked during gameplay Museum- These are the items you collected throughout the game and it gives the picture and description of each item.

3) By the way, I used to make out with your brother, too.

3) Use Item (Choose 1) Kiki: I - I - I - We did....

1) We're gonna rock this mountain so hard 2) Eh, I don't think so.

There are two different stories in this game: Brett's Story and Becky's story.