* Updates guidance on classified meetings, conferences, and acquisition meetings (para 6-18 ).* Removes the requirement for the Entry/Exit Inspection Program and the Two-Person Integrity Program (para 6-36 ).

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* Addresses security procedures for documents created for and on automated information systems and Internet web-based display (app E ).

* Updates the Management Control Evaluation Checklist (app F, section I ).

* Emphasizes the responsibilities of Headquarters Department of the Army, the Commander, the Command Security Manager, the Supervisor, and the Individual (chap 1 ).

* Updates information relating to Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Communications Security Information, and Special Access Program Information (chap 1 ).

* Outlines requirements for transportation plans (para 8-7 ).

* Emphasizes annual refresher training requirements for the security education program (para 9-7 ).

* Updates the abbreviations and terminology lists ( glossary ).

This regulation establishes the policy for the classification, downgrading, declassification, transmission, transportation, and safeguarding of information requiring protection in the interests of national security.

* Updates the federal specifications for locks (para 7-4 ).