Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, U. ASK Jamison Ernest what he does, and he will tell you about the store he’s opening on Stanton Street, called Yellow Fever, which stocks his clothing line of the same name, and about his “art rock” band, also called Yellow Fever, and about the consulting he’s doing on a new downtown luxury development, and the construction going on at his new recording studio, which is all a mere fraction of his workload.

Although the sample letter is addressed to the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, we encourage you to send a letter to the Chamber’s regional office servicing your area, as well. The bill, as its name suggests, is a restoration of the intent of the original ADA, which was to create an equal opportunity for all Americans, including Americans with disabilities, to work and to prohibit employers from obstructing this opportunity on the basis of fears, myths, and stereotypes surrounding disability.[INSERT YOUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS HERE - identifying yourself as a person with a disability or as a family member or friend, as a taxpayer, as a registered voter, and state why the ADA Restoration Act is important to you, etc.]I am very disappointed with the U. Chamber of Commerce and urge you to recall the letter and change your position.

To determine contact information for the regional office nearest you, go to: House of Representatives on August 22, 2007 to indicate the Chamber’s opposition to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Restoration Act of 2007 (H.

What Ernest really does, and does best, is win friends and influence people.

Very, very important people – and he is just one of many otherwise anonymous figures in New York City who make it their business to befriend the famous, transmogrifying stray stardust into actual currency.

Refreshingly, Ernest admits that none of his famous friendships were born by accident.

As a teenager, he got a job at Cafe Tabac, because he read that Jon Bon Jovi had a party there.

Several of you have called or written, requesting a sample letter for use in responding to the Chamber of Commerce.

Below, you will find a sample letter, to which you may choose to add your personalized message. Josten writes that the ADA Restoration Act is “ …not a simple tweak of the ADA, but rather a wholesale re-writing of it.” This is untrue and a mischaracterization of the ADA Restoration Act’s bipartisan attempt to correct some narrow Supreme Court interpretations of the ADA, which is an activity that the Congress has every right and power to do.

And if there’s a project there, I want a piece of the project.'” He pauses.

“I have a lifestyle, and my lifestyle is what other people want.

Ernest will tell you, casually and off-handedly, that reclusive Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose just happened to stop by his store last night and hang out.