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At the other is a scattering of car-repair shops, a petrol station, a bank and a hairdresser.

In between is the incongruously grand Vrede Hotel, where the clientele – almost exclusively white – is, these days, determined by out-of-reach prices rather than racist laws.

“The essence of this is that you compromise the head of state, that you have the head of state in your pocket,” says Sipho Pityana, a disillusioned veteran of the ANC’s struggle against apartheid and chairman of mining company Anglo Gold Ashanti.

“You disable all the law enforcement institutions and you enable unfettered access to people who owe their positions in office to the pleasure of the president,” he says.

Women representing female farmers take part in a demonstration calling on MPs to vote for the removal of South African president Jacob Zuma, in August 2017.

He survived a no-confidence motion brought in part because of concerns over his connection to the Gupta family.

It involves the systematic ransacking of institutions, so that the nation’s laws and regulations, as well as the people in positions of power, work for the financial benefit of groups or individuals.

“The singular aim of state capture,” says Lawson Naidoo, executive secretary of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution, “is to facilitate the plunder of state resources for the benefit of politically connected individuals and their corporate vehicles”.

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