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She and Soko both attended the Chanel party Friday night but arrived and left separately without a confrontation, probably best given Soko’s now-deleted posts on social media alluding to someone being a “Fucking cheater.”Jodie Foster’s wife of two years, photographer Alexandra Hedison, did not accompany her to the premiere of Money Monster but the couple happily posed together at the party at the Hotel du Cap Saturday night.“If you notice with Kristen and with Jodie, they either don’t talk about their sexuality or are very vague about it,” Bendix said.

“They don’t lead with it and I can understand that.

The prim, brainy Foster, who was busy using big words like “exigencies” in front of the foreign press last week, is suddenly the stodgy lesbian emeritus at a festival this year when being gay, bisexual, or otherwise gender fluid has never been hotter. Besides Foster, Stewart, 26, is at Cannes co-starring in two films, her ex-girlfriend Soko, 30, is here with her own movie in which she stars with self-described bisexual Lily-Rose Depp, 16, and Sarah Paulson’s upcoming new J. Salinger biopic is one of the buzziest acquisition titles at the festival.

This is also the year the Cannes lesbian drama goes from tender and worthy (like 2013’s Blue Is the Warmest Color or last year’s acclaimed Carol) to kinky with a side of psycho in the twisty Korean thriller The Handmaiden or Neon Demon.I actually avoided him but on the last day he came up to me and I said, with tears in my eyes, how scared I was of him and he said, ‘But, I was scared of you!’” Foster appeared on the show to talk about her new film Money Monster, a satirical thriller starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell.But it would be very hard for a famous (male) actor to do the same thing. Also notice that if you google Kristen, half the news stories about her still mention Robert Pattinson.Even if you’re dating women, people will validate you based on the men you’ve been with.”Does Bendix foresee a hot film actor suddenly coming out as gay or bisexual and flaunting his new boyfriend on the red carpet on the Croisette? “I think what’s more likely to happen is that some closeted actor will star in such a great new film and decide to come out but it won’t be with an announcement.Speaking on the Graham Norton show, Jodie Foster revealed that she was never close with Hopkins during filming- because he was too frightening.