The absolute funniest shows streaming on Netflix, ranked from the most popular to the least by the Ranker community.This list has all the best comedy TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix. If you're into dysfunctional families, critically acclaimed series like , there's a slew of comedies streaming on Netflix to choose from that spans the decades.

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This list can also help satiate your binge-watching appetite as well, as many of these shows will keep you in stitches right through their last season.

So sit back, relax, and vote up this list of funny shows on Netflix.

Marie Jones and Le Ann Dunley are sisters that leaned on one another through their life challenges. Marie and husband Walter raise a seventeen year old daughter named Elizabeth, who has a picture perfect life with a seemingly equally wonderful boyfriend named Mark.

Le Ann raises her sixteen year old daughter named Kelli and finds it tough to relate to the pressures her daughter is facing with boys, friends, and school.

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En 2013, elle a l'un des rôles principaux dans le film américain Sharknado.

En 2015, Cassie tient le rôle principal dans Agoraphobia. Elle est la marraine du fils aîné de l'actrice Tiffany Thornton et de son époux Christopher Carney, dont le parrain est l'acteur Wilmer Valderrama.

En 2006, elles sortent l'album Dance Revolution, qui ne décolle pas dans les charts. En 2007, elle signe un contrat pour un album avec Geffen Records, bien qu'aucun album ne sorte.