While I did learn some valuable lessons in his class, it was more of a struggle because of tense atmosphere. He will mess with your head during crits, invalidating almost everything that you create until you finally make something that satisfies his unpredictable aesthetic whims. His class is extremely tough but so rewarding if you're 100% dedicated to your work. One of my favorite things he said was on the first day "I beat the shjt out of you, but then I smother you with love." It absolutely proved to be true.

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Paying 4 years worth of RISD's tuition is well worth it for just his class. If you aren't elated to have Tom, switch from his class.

T Tom Mills' volatile attitude creates a high-stress environment in the classroom.

It's definitely hard, you're going to pull more than a few all-nighters of you don't manage your time right, but it will all be worth it. If you have easy 2D and 3D teachers, it will balance out the stress you get in Tom's class. I worked my ass off, but I can't see phenomenal change in my drawings. He starts out with erasing anything you thought about drawing and tries to fix either your bad habits or your lack of experience.

Also, if you don't crit, he might backstabb you in final crit. He is an incredible individual, both intellectually and artistically. Anyone becomes strong in their drawings after coming out of his class.

He creates too much stress that students cant even focus on what they are drawing.

He is not very open minded and doesn't let the student explore and find his style. I learned a lot of valuable information from his slides.While some people do well under this kind of stress, I found it debilitating.He is manipulative and can become unnecessarily mean during critique.What are the implications if all your documentation says your vehicle is red and you have it re-sprayed blue?One thing you must do is update your V5c registration certificate – also known as your log book – with the DVLA.Believe me, as much as you'll complain about this class, you'll miss it when its over! He pushes you because he knows the potential of his students.