Naubuc, CT 1871-1880 Succeeded the Curtisville Mfg. in 1907 for a line of flatware sold by Montgomery Ward.

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The classic Ounce of Luck series was issued for the ANA show with an updated design and is still a sought after gift and staple in many a collection.

The Silver Fortune, however, is undoubtedly the new flagship clover coin thanks to its elaborate design and production.

Co, M B C E P (in shields) You can make a comparison of the Meridian Britannia Company and the Meriden Silver Plate Co. First is the site 925-1000, they have an awesome list of marks, and a great library. Second is The Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks.

of Canada ~ 1912 Another Company: Meriden Cutlery Company 1.

The lions are usually shown in pairs with a male lion resting a paw on sphere and the female lion restraining a cub.

The Mineral Art Forbidden City coin stunned collectors in 2015 with incredibly intricate detail rarely seen before and a beautiful amber inlay at the center of the superb design reminiscent of a Chinese coin.

The colossal silver coin is limited to a mere 88 individually numbered pieces and will be delivered in a precious, red collector’s box with golden highlights.

Silver Fortune is the result of uniting CIT’s expertise and long tradition with special shape coins, lately struck in dramatic smartminting© relief, with one of CIT’s most popular themes dating back to 2010 – the four-leaf clover.

(Similar names is an issue that has often been a source of confusion to me don't even get me started on flatware manufacturers) The formation of the International Silver Company helped to consolidate these companies but it still used a variety of marks from the companies that formed it to indicate levels of quality.

A Few Facts (these will be on the test): The Meriden Silver Plate Co.

It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. If you do find it useful please feel free to leave a comment. It helped form the International Silver Company in 1898. It is not the same company as the Meriden Britannia Company.