IF she has indeed been molested and only discovered it 17 years ago AND is still dealing with it as described then she needs much deeper therapy than already received.

This OP is in a completely no win situation regardless what the cause---she’s simply not prepared to deal with “life” as it happens to her---not yet anyway.

Yes no matter how you do exit it won’t be pretty and quite possibly be attempts to reconcile, promises to get help, do better and not so on edge with you---won’t happen.

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You've already set yourself up for a tirade from her of "all men are jerks who just don't get it, and who use you and then abandon you" should you decide to make the break from her and demand she go and finally resolve these issues with 'effective' counseling. She will either be forced with a choice to stop chasing men away due to her refusal to heal her past.... My spouse, God rest her soul, was a survivor..effected our lives dramatically...yes, she was a drama queen..could she not be???

She's already set her 'self fulfilling prophesy' in motion. or she'll continue to use it for her own dramatic purposes till the day she dies. do you want to die that same painful, slow, agonizing death with her..... with such a horrific event having happened to her...

You also state in your profile that you are available. I have a friend that just recently told me about being abused by her brother when she was in her early teens. She said that this issue has plaqued her on and off over the years, she is now 62.

In this thread you state that you have been dating the same women for 6 months, and say she is causing you drama.................... I am a firm believer in getting outside counselling from a professional - for her to cope and you to understand. You do realize, of course, that being with a woman like this will never amount to a 'two way' relationship, don't you?

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I've been dating a lady near my age (59) for over 6 months now.

It's apparent that you already know you should not....

but that certain 'guilt' is starting to set in if you decide to let this woman go.

There is no deviation from this 'law of human nature'.

You might also want to address an issue within yourself as to whether or not you are attracted to "damselfish in distress" and want to play savior.

She is extremely insecure and was recently layed off/fired from her job and will be collecting unemployment.