With a girl as attractive as her, her weekends should be spent at parties, or with friends. She was stuck at her shitty job, at a shitty pool, in a shitty part of town, with no one to talk to except her dog, Bandit.

Yeah, she was not about to spend an entire day in a poor, crime filled part of town without her best pal with her.

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So Katie layed there, on the comfortable pool chair, hoping to eventually fall asleep. According to the clock, it was , about 4 hours after she fell asleep.

“Shit, I’m gonna have tan lines.” Normally Katie would tan for a while at the pool, then tan naked in the privacy of her backyard at her house, to avoid getting tan lines.

She was a hot, incredibly skinny blonde that nearly all the boys in her school would do anything for.

Though she had many opportunities to be with guys, she really wasn't interested.

The now empty pool would appear unrecognizable to those who frequent it during other hot summer days.

Who would have thought that one broken filter could create such a different environment when compared to the commonly chaotic place it usually was.

But, since no one else was here, and the fence kept anyone from looking in at her, she figured she’d be safe.

So Katie untied her red bikini top and bottom, and tossed them onto the hot concrete below.

But since the pool was closed, it didn’t make sense to have the usual number of staff there.