For owners wanting to try their hand at selling their own home we have developed CC2khomes AKA: Castle4sale where you can list your home for free and save thousands of dollars in commission fees.Listing is fast, easy, and you can keep your listing until your home sells.

On a typical morning I would lose 20-45 minutes of my valuable time just sifting through and deleting the 400-500 pieces of junk mail I got on a daily basis.

It got so bad that at times I ended up deleting emails I had been waiting for just because I was trying to get through the spam too fast.

So if you are like I was, and sick and tired of spam come on over to give the Guardian Email Firewall a try.

The first month is free and if you like it you can keep your trial account for less than 15 cents a day!

It's the tenth anniversary of Cyber City 2000 and while this original CC2k site has remained the rock and foundation of the Cyber Corp 2000 enterprise, we have been busy planning an even bigger better CC2k.

I won't divulge the location just yet because we are still adding the little things that you have been asking for over the years.We also provide a secure contact form so your email address is never exposed to the public.Real State Listings by Owners It has been far too long that CC2k has retained the traditional web format.We asked a lot of questions, what do you like about it, what don't you like about it, what do you find difficult, what would make it easier , etc, etc.After a year long study we are fast working on what we believe will address all those concerns and offer a truly awesome experience for the CC2k population.We spent 1997 on the layout and planning for CC2k, with a brief period of online presence during the late summer and fall months.