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I know it's possible to set Excel to automatically update cells upon being opened under the calculation tab, but apparently this does not apply to MATLAB (or COM interfaces in general?

I tried this with the “Now” function in Excel, and I could see the updated values using “xlsread” so I’m not sure if I have misunderstood your question.

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The situation in Chitral started coming back to normalcy after signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi on 8 August 1919, thus ending the conflict from which the Chitral Scouts emerged as victors.

Initial Afghan movement started from 12 May onwards, they captured Arandu and soon the Scouts positioned at Galapach were over ran by 600 strong Afghans.

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Now I have to open the excel file just to update the TODAY() function, and this method is a bottleneck in my workflow.

EDIT: I'm using MATLAB's built in 'xlsread' command Hi Chris, I understand that you want to get an updated date into MATLAB without having to manually open the Excel Sheet.

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