” Ash looks out the window and sees Tina and Jess sitting outside. And so, she turns around, closes, and locks the door. “Ash, I know all of you love me”, Joe says to her and returns the hug. “Erm, Dad”, she says, “I think you’ve got the wrong tape.

It’s just me, dad”, she hears her father, Joe, say from inside Jess’s room. “Well, I was looking for something in here”, he replies, “but I couldn’t find it.” “Looking for something with your trousers down? “Come on, I’m a big girl, now, tell me what you were doing. ” “You were sorting out your clothes when I walked in and you said you’re looking for something”, Ashlee says, “who’s in here with you? “Ash, I wouldn’t dream of cheating on your mother”, Joe tells her, “I love her too much”. ”, Ashlee asks, “we aren’t leaving until you tell me”. Mom loves you, Jess loves you, I love you.” Ashlee walks towards Joe and hugs him. “I can see only their tits, it seems”, Ashlee says, giggling a bit, “well, I thought you would be looking at something a bit harder than this to be truthful. “Well, the door’s locked and I’m only watching”, Ashlee says. “I won’t get in the way”, she tells him, “I promise”. “OK, then, go ahead and do your business to these big tits”, she says. Then, he goes to sit down and pulls down his pants.

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“I’ll put it this way, Ash”, Joe tells her, “both you and Jess are very beautiful and gorgeous-looking” “Oh My God”, Ashlee says, very angry by now, “you jerk to me as well? I’m what they would call gifted.” “How big are you then”, Ashlee asks, giggling a bit, “the biggest I’ve had is 8 and a half inches” “I think I might be bigger than that”, Joe says, “never really measured it, though.” “WOW. She turns away from Joe’s cock and watches the video.

So, Joe takes that tape out and puts in one that has a video of Ashlee. That’s me”, she says, “Full view of my body in low cut top. ” “To put it this way, Ash”, he says, “I tend to go for a bit of variety”. “Well, hon, that’s genetics for you”, he tells her, “some are gifted, some aren’t.

” “Oh, Daddy, you do have some good ideas”, Ashlee says to Joe.

How about we fuck doggy-styles, while you suck on Jess’s tits? She starts licking off all the cum, looking up at Joe. ” And on three, they left Jessica up and throw her in the pool.

She reached the front door and turned the key, pausing just inside she removed her panties and put them in her school bag.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for had been a week now since her brothers had fucked her and her Mom for the first time, it was exciting, her brothers had forbidden both of them to wear any underwear around the house, Her Mom Selina had been teaching her how to suck cock properly and today she was to have her first ass fuck.

“Oh, Daddy, yes”, Ashlee says, “how about you fuck Jess now with your big cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes”, Ashlee says, “do what you always wanted, Dad. And so, Ashlee & Joe walk off, holding each other’s hand, leaving Jessica naked & sunbathing. They get into Ashlee rooms, when they hear Jessica scream. ” And so, Joe & Ashlee look at each other with a smile on their faces, knowing that the intimate moments they shared today will no doubt strengthen their father-daughter relationship.

As Joe pumps Ashlee harder, Ashlee sucks on Jessica’s nipples and bites slightly. “I wonder what kind of dream she’s having right now”, Joe says. Joe continues to fuck Ashlee and her head moves more and more, shaking Jessica’s tits, jiggling around. So, he removes his cock from her ass and gently slides it into Jessica’s pussy. Ashee lays on top of Jessica’s body, them pressed against each other. Fuck Jessica”, Ashlee says, ‘fuck her like a slut.” So then, Joe starts fucking Jessica harder & faster, but being careful not to wake Jessica. I wanna taste your cum off her tits”, Ashlee says, “how about it, Daddy? So, he removes his cock from Jessica’s pussy, then starts masturbating over Jessica’s tits. Joe looks at Ashlee, unsure of what to say to Jessica. “Well, Jess”, Ashlee starts, “we thought you would like a swim”. ”, Jessica says, “I was asleep and you thought I wanted to swim? “Well, Jess, we didn’t want to disturb you”, Joe says, with a bit of a laugh.

You be the photographer masturbating and I’ll be posing for you. “OK, Dad, here they are”, she says and removes her hands, showing her big, juicy tits for him. ” “I think they’re great, Ash”, Joe tells her, “they look wonderful” “OK, now, I’ll press my tits against your face”, she tells him, “but only if you masturbate with a pair of Jess’s things wrapped around your cock” “OK”, Joe says. “Mmmmmm, Daddy, you’ve got me soo horny”, Ashlee tells Joe. Then, he grasps his cock with one hand and gently guides it into her pussy.