Democrats and consumer advocates have supported the CFPB’s aggressive actions against big financial institutions, and in her lawsuit, English said Congress intended the bureau to be independent of political pressure from the White House.Asked by Kelly on Monday why the court should undertake the “extraordinary remedy” of blocking the president from exercising the power of his office, English’s attorney said, “I don’t deny it’s extraordinary.Think about this process as finding a good job: you need to prepare a quality CV, do your homework and find out about the company you are applying to, adapt your CV to the needs of this company and position you are applying for, and present yourself well at the interview.

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English also argued that a sitting White House head of the Office of Management and Budget could not hold two hats by simultaneously heading the independent financial regulator.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brett Shumate had argued that Trump had authority under an earlier law, the 1998 Presidential Vacancies Reform Act, and cited supporting opinions by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and the CFPB’s general counsel.

Leandra English (left), who was elevated to interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by its outgoing director, meets with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., to discuss the fight for control of the U. 2 official at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to serve in his stead. Kelly acknowledged that the case raised consitutional issues that would have to be resolved in further legal action.

A federal judge refused to block President Trump’s choice of budget director Mick Mulvaney from serving as acting director of the prominent federal consumer watchdog agency on Tuesday, denying a request by Leandra English, the No.

Mulvaney was at the bureau Monday, issuing orders, meeting with senior aides and reviewing transition briefing materials, Shumate said, and the imposition by a judge of a different leader would only sow more confusion and disruption.

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