If you’ve ever turned down your husband’s advances because you had cramps, had been touched all day by your toddler and were simply donewithout interruption, you know it’s nothing personal.

He likely feels the same way, especially if it happens once in a blue moon.

That said, making sure you’re both happy with the amount of sex you regularly have is essential, so if either of you are often too tired to do the deed, it may be time to get creative and, say, set the alarm an hour earlier so you can start the morning on a high note.

And if he says it was awkward, uncomfortable, and that the highlight of the night was when the three of them put their clothes back on and ordered pizza, trust him.

We’re primed to think men want sex all the time, but that’s simply not always the case, says Morse.

Professor Chick added: 'The fact that the subjects tended to rank 'sense of humour,' 'fun loving' and 'playful' at or near the top of the list of 16 characteristics does not mean that the mates they have selected or will select will actually exhibit these traits.

There’s a scientific reason why husbands and wives often feel like they’re having completely different conversations.

It’s called the closeness communication bias, a theory that suggests the tighter you are with someone, the more you assume you know what they’re saying.

For instance, if you checked with a friend about whether she planned to go to the gym, you’d probably add that you asked because you were wondering if she wanted to hit the same yoga class or get a post-workout smoothie.

If your goal is to have a lasting and happy relationship, this won’t be very helpful to your cause, so, it’s great to periodically do a checkup. You can also pray the Litany of Humility, which I have personally found an effective way to work on the virtue of humility.

Here are ten indicators you are taking yourself too seriously: 1. I always welcome your email comments and suggestions at [email protected]

“He’s probably not trying to hurt your feelings,” says dating and relationship coach Marni Battista.

And mixed signals from you can be understandably confusing.

Born and raised in Southern California, Lisa suffered through the pain of being a divorced Catholic in the early 1990s.