Some guests arrived dressed the part of the young professional, while a few opted for the first-date look.

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And although an Ivy League university is more likely to move you to the top of the admissions file, it's not a requirement. Renee Hames, an executive assistant said, "I'm hoping this will be different because you see the same people after a while on dating sites, or they want pen-pals and nothing serious." While a few men said that they're hoping the site will deliver a woman who is "smarter than me," said Philip Tarpley, an attorney who attented Rice and Duke University.

"Educational background matter to me," said Tarpley.

more The League, which debuted in New York City and San Francisco in 2015, is designed to match the well-educated professional or all-around impressive single looking for their other half and it went live in Houston, Austin and Dallas last Tuesday.

more Austin native and Stanford University graduate Amanda Bradford has poked the nest of the online-dating world just as it started to fall into a predictable pattern of a hot-or-not swipe game by bringing her upscale brand of match-making that she calls "playing in the big leagues" to Houston.

Those already in the professional world were attorneys, teachers, engineers and start-up executives.

Bradford and company boast that because they require access to each members' Facebook and Linkedin accounts they offer a better vetting system than other free sites (the site is "freemium," said Bradford, with extra goodies like seeing more profiles and getting same-day matches if one pays the 0 per year fee).

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The selection process for those who want to join the site is similar to a college or university, said Bradford, her long, wavy blonde hair matted in the sticky heat as she mingled among her guests with drink tickets in hand for those who played the ice-breaking game that forced singles to approach someone and ask if they held a match to one of the cards handed to them at the door. adults reported to have used a mobile dating app or online site, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center finding, a little pre-screening for the busy dater may be in order.