This guy is visiting his girlfriend and sharing a meal with her while her stepmom, a breath taking sexy housewife, mops the kitchen floor in a sexy pink dress and hot fuck me shoes.

Unless I was working I would often go out without a bra and often times with no panties, or would remove them before showing off.

I was not blessed with overly big tits, so one year with his bonus Grady had them enlarged..yes it was my idea to have it done..just paid the bills for the work and we've been especially proud of my "girls" ever since.

Exhibitionism has long been something in me that kept the pot stirred.

Grady is my strongest encourager of that aspect of my life and between us we've allowed my inhibitions to be pushed aside and out of the way and that has led to many opportunities to show off my mature body over the started out slowly, mainly cleavage and perhaps the tops of thigh high stockings that I tend to prefer over pantyhose.

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It's only been in the last decade or so that I've taken things to totally new levels, but I must admit I wish I had started sooner.

I can remember the first coffee shop visits we made, often in short skirts and blouses that buttoned down the front, allowing me to control the amount of cleavage shown which was totally dependent on how comfortable I felt with the situation.

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So there I would be watching as Grady stood in line, he would almost always be the first to spy my legs slightly parted sitting somewhere for the viewing pleasure of anyone who would look my way.