Yeah the Internet is really changing the music industry.It’s a great way to make music readily available to the public.Everyone was freaking out when Radiohead released In Rainbows free on the Internet in 2010, but it ended up making them more money with all the exposure it gave them.

Parents need to know that despite a bit of iffy language ("damn," "ass") and some fairly light sexual innuendo, this sitcom offers a positive representation of family, teens, and parental guidance.

The first season focuses on a father who becomes more involved with his teenagers' lives after his wife goes back to work; in later episodes, coping with the sudden death of a parent and living/coping with extended family become central themes of the show.

Drenge is a band of two brothers, Eoin and Rory Loveless, hailing from the UK and finishing their first US tour this month.

It’s been a big year for firsts—their first album, self-titled Drenge, is an angsty, visceral grunge compilation that experiments with identity through an unapologetic release of suppressed youthful energy.

Chronologically organised, from the Victorian period to the present day, this nostalgic and engrossing treasure trove details the history of consumer culture.

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