He is a banker by profession from Burkina-Faso in West Africa. [email protected] Patrick Allen is trying to get you to click on a link that will most likely infect your computer with malware. Godzilla isn't the only monster that comes from there. Wants to give you money from the country of Benin but they want a PROCUREMENT FEE of USD199.00 from Moneygram and or Western Union. [email protected] PRomises you money from a deceased relative. [email protected] - Claims to be from Bank of England and has money for you. London, United Kingdom wants to split 16 million dollars with you. Wants you to download a picture that will infect your computer.He has 8.5 million dollars he wants to transfer to you. [email protected]& [email protected] They want you to know that you won a BMW. Probably one of the stupidest emails I've ever seen. [email protected] Eco Bank has 7.5 million dollars for you. [email protected] Another scam, this one from China or some other Mandarin speaking scammer in some other country. [email protected] Another private message from a beautiful white woman who wants to talk to you. [email protected] - From Japan, they want you to receive 9.5 million dollars from a fake inheritance. MARCEL OWURAH with an email of [email protected] to give you 1.5 million but first he wants you to give him thousands of dollars and he will disappear. [email protected] Claims there is a problem with your paypal account. After that, in your download folder, you should see the joined file.

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[email protected]& [email protected] Peter Godwin and Micheline Ekwe wants to deposit $800,0000 into to your account. [email protected] Bernice wants your financial and personal information so they can give you $2.8Million on an ATM MASTER CARD. Taiba Ondikwa wants your personal information (and money) so she can rip you off while she claims she has a %1.5 million transfer from the West African country of Benin for you. [email protected] [email protected] Another fake email from Malaysia that claims to be from FBI head James Comey. Always check the sender email address and notice how they are not from google.

Taiba is probably some guy in drag and has a lengthy criminal record. [email protected] Claims that your email will be activated unless you click on their phishing link. [email protected] - James Thomas 22678002881 wants to give you a fake ATM card while he steals your real ATM number and drains your bank account. [email protected] Scumbag scammer pretending to be one of the heirs of the Walmart Fortune. [email protected]& [email protected] More facebook phishing scammers. Scammers are getting better with their domains but you can still identify them.

Netflix might not be the undisputed king of streaming TV, but it's still got a lot to offer Aussie movie-lovers.

From the admittedly meagre selection it had at launch, Netflix has bulked out its line-up to include over 2,500 movies spanning everything from schlocky horror to heartfelt romance to poignant documentaries.

JULIET DANIEL with a phone number of 229-6746-9909. Another thief probably from West Africa looking for English speaking suckers to rip off. [email protected]& [email protected]& [email protected] More phishing scams from fake google accounts. The only thing that sill split, is this person, with your money. They want a business deal with you where they'll give you 10 percent of the money.

[email protected] Looking to expand a fake business by giving you 5 million dollars.

(Note: only hardsubs appear on devices such as PSPs) • Before claiming that a file is corrupt, check the size of your downloaded file with the size posted next to the filename or download it again.

• If you don’t see the subtitle, then try a different player.

Only thing is, he wants a transfer fee of thousands of dollars. [email protected] Another romance scammer wants you to respond and they promise to send you pictures of some woman they and you have never met. [email protected] Randy Eiffert trying to sell you one of many products which you probably don't want or need. [email protected] [email protected] Have a fictional deed for some property you have never heard of. [email protected] Promises you money, but the end result is not so funny. [email protected] Another idiot trying to separate you from your cash. [email protected] Fake American Soldier wants to you download an infected file. [email protected] Jones Zongo was you to help them to get 5.7 million out of some account and they will give you 25 percent. And there is no real money just yours that you will give this piece of garbage. She wants you to download a document that probably contains harmful material to your computer. Don't download the attachment or bad things will happen to your life.

[email protected] Juliette Kouauo wants to give you 15 percent of 25.2 million dollars. [email protected] Daniel Scott wants to be your power of attorney. [email protected] - John Zego has this for you from the Central Bank Of Nigeria his Telephone number is 234-9093281218 and he CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CASH DELIVERY PAYMENT. ongratulations [email protected] Get your Free 0 Nike Gift Card. [email protected] They are interested in employing you as our Accounts receivable agent, you will be paid 10% as commission for all collections made on behalf of our company and a monthly pay. Like accounts and passwords stolen and your computer being held hostage for money.

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