I do not believe there is a degree required to become President. No matter what his grade-levels, birthplace, middle name or secret religious affiliation, Obama got bin Laden.

As I said in another post I thank BO for making the right choice in this situation.

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Thus, "months before the Tokyo tribunal commenced, Mac Arthur's highest subordinates were working to attribute ultimate responsibility for Pearl Harbor to Hideki Tōjō" by allowing "the major criminal suspects to coordinate their stories so that the Emperor would be spared from indictment." According to John Dower, "This successful campaign to absolve the Emperor of war responsibility knew no bounds.

Hirohito was not merely presented as being innocent of any formal acts that might him culpable to indictment as a war criminal.

Hirohito, however, was never charged with any, despite obvious culpability. Mac Arthur saw him as a symbol of the continuity and cohesion of the Japanese people.

Many historians criticize this decision to exonerate the Emperor and all members of the imperial family implicated in the war from criminal prosecutions.

He died on January 7, 1989 of cancer of the duodenum. But the photo originally existed in another, much less seen version in which Ms O'Farrell's profile is almost as visible as Pearse's.

Nobody knows quite why this should be, but the obvious explanation seems to be that the Republicans did not want it to look like the men of 1916 were incapable of surrender without holding onto the petticoats of their womenfolk.Odd, usually poor performing students don't get into the nations top schools.Other things like was he a beneficiary of affirmative action, A rich beneficiary finacing his schooling, Loans for foreign students, what type of grades he had, what type of groups he was apart of, etc etc.The current President, who unlike his predecessor never had the crassness to declare that catching OBL was not a priority and did not even matter very much, apparently took the greatest care to make sure that his quarry's body was disposed of according to Islamic law and custom, thereby closing off a vital avenue of outrage and rabble-rousing to Islamic extremists.I don't think any of us who oppose the new mission creep in Libya have been reticent about saying so, and if you're the victim of an errant or carelessly-aimed drone, it doesn't much matter to you whether it was fired by a lamb or a wolf.Yet instead were fully engaged and add Libya to the list. I thought the transcript conspiracy theory was that he spent two years in Pakistan, presumably studying the Dark Arts. I felt like you do re: the President when Bush was in office, but even I would've given him props if he'd gotten bin Laden. But if he HAD, I woulda quit asking where he spent the time while he was AWOL during the Vietnam War. If anyone here has an example of giving Bush Kudos I'd like to see it. Amazing You do remember you all cheered his promises to close Gitmo, pull out of Iraq and Afganistan by now?