Yes, it's even possible to trick people into giving you their password, to log on to their account, and to send all of their stuff to your character.

Yes, it's possible to trick people into giving you stuff.

The test is this: if you're making money or meat from people clicking on your link, it shouldn't be publically displayed anywhere. It's not against the rules to have more than one character per household, or per computer, or even per person.

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Actually, he has several, but let me point out just one.

And you don't need access to any other documentation to appreciate it.

Here's a yardstick: If your main character is accumulating wealth or advancing at a rate faster than would be possible without multis, then you're more than likely in violation of this rule.

If you're abusing multis, and your behavior is noticed, all accounts other than what appears to be your primary will be disabled.

You either get the picture, or you don't, and if you don't, odds are you don't care whether or not you act like a jackass.

Do not send messages like "Give me 10,000 Meat or I will come to your house and beat you up." Do not send messages with no other content than "ur gay." Do not send messages like "hay sexxy wanna cyber a/s/l?

If you break one of these rules in an especially egregious way, we reserve the right to take whatever actions against your characters that we see fit. That's because this is a rule that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Selling an account pretty obviously counts as multi abuse, and will be dealt with accordingly.

One man's lampshade-on-the-head antics are another man's high-brow entertainment. The buyer in an exchange like this will not be punished, but he or she will probably be stupid.

Making a character with a name specifically chosen to mimic another player's name (especially a moderator or well-known player) will also result in that character being disabled.

We have to have one of these for some reason, so let's call it...

If you don't, or if you give the mod a bunch of crap about it (or about being a hermaphrodite,) you will be temporarily banned from the chat.