To deliver men from temptation, a range of treatments were used, from adolescent circumcision to protective cups and belts.

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It's also linked to tuberculosis, doubled risk of serious infection and tripled risk of some cancers. December 27, 2017 | 79,703 Views Just when you might have thought industry's influence couldn't get any worse, we're now looking at a situation that could dwarf the past.

A dark cloud is brewing, as this new venture capitalist-turned-Commissioner with financial links to Pharma since 2005 moves closer to taking over the helm.

Steps to good dental health include: Regular care by a dental professional.

Whether the warnings were for paralysis, "nervous troubles," or "tired blood," unscrupulous pitchmen have taken advantage of fear to sell elixirs, instruments, and other home remedies to treat what ails you.

From the 1950s to the 1970s they were sold as weight loss equipment.

Vibrating machines have made a comeback recently, this time with some more credible claims.

As you'll see, these "cures" were often harmless, but in some cases they could've left you with far worse problems than what you had in the first place (and their use often meant that problems were left untreated by more effective means).

In the 20th century, laws were passed and government agencies created to curb the sale of fraudulent medical treatments, but dubious health products continue to be sold to the gullible and desperate today.

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Here are the weirdest and most fraudulent health and fitness products of all time.