So use online dating in conjunction with 2-3 other ways to meet someone. Take a home improvement class or a cooking class or a writing class. Switch it up or do all these things in conjunction with each other. Really work on being approachable in any situation. Go to bars to socialize, to hang out, to de-stress. And it’s usually one of these: We want it all right now. We assume that if someone doesn’t feel the same way we do when we do then they aren’t right for us.

Walk with your head up, make eye contact, smile…it at the deli, on the subway, at church…where ever. But don’t go to a bar with the specific intent of meeting a man. Ladies – Stop going out in groups of 3 or more single friends. Ignoring issues that are getting in the way of being happy and secure? We grow resentful of those people who do have an easier time meeting someone and that resentment morphs in to bitterness and negativity. A fear that we will never meet anyone, that we will end up alone.

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If you have to ask yourself , “Are they interested? Is there something about you physically or personality-wise that might be turning men off? You literally have to stop yourself from saying things like “Every women/man” is this or that.

You have to de-program yourself from thinking negatively.

For 1 person that meets your expectations there are 3-5 that don’t. Definitely take advantage of the stand-bys but add some new ones, too. Singles/social networking events are great but, like online dating, you shouldn’t rely on them to meet new people. Guys in bars are looking for the 25-32 year old gal.

And, if you meet those “ones” online, then it’s very likely that they are someone else’s “one great date” as well due to the whole “kid in a candy store” mentality that online dating encourages. Go to a few, like two or three, then try something different. Again, let that slide a bit, since many singles our age are divorced. Or they’re looking for desperate women who will be easy to get in to bed. Insisting on going for people that you think you deserve but who have no interest in you? There is a reason and it’s more than “I’m just picky” or “I’ve been too busy to date.” I haven’t met one person over the age of 35 who’s still single who wasn’t that way for a serious reason. We aren’t willing to sit back and allow things to unfold at a natural pace.

I’d be inclined to publish highlights but that wouldn’t do this piece its proper justice.

Noted blogger, Moxie, has written a powerful message to women in their late 30’s: take responsibility for your life.Lazy Girl’s Ravioli Lasagna uses frozen cheese ravioli in place of boiled noodles and cheese filling.Total time saver, and nobody will know the difference! That’s right, I definitely had signed headshots of Uncle Joey, Arsenio, and the Royal Family taped to my closet door, right next to Jonathon Taylor Thomas and Kirk Cameron. Anyway, I have a new fan letter to write, and it’s addressed to Lazy Girls Ravioli Lasagna.I agreed with that, but also told him that the reason why hearing from only those people is frustrating is that it makes you wonder what it is about you that is attracting only these people.It also serves as a reminder of what’s out there and…as I’ve said before…you get older it becomes slim pickins.So here, in its entirety, I offer you a very challenging post about women, written by a very intelligent woman.