When Andy asks about Spike, Madi informs him that he gave her some closure, plus it's rare that the first love is the one that lasts, especially when you want two different things.Andy then tells Madi about his first girlfriend, Scout.

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10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Andy is at the studio when Madi's sister Ali stops by with a box of stuff from Spike Lavery and is assigned with Madi to work on writing a new acoustic track.

Madi and Andy try to get to work but Madi explains she doesn't write well under pressure.

Andy then tells her to tap into all the emotions she is feeling right now with what Spike has done and channel it into writing.

10.13 Hard To Find Andy and Madi show Damon the song they worked on, "Waiting on a Friend." Damon hates it and then tasks him and Madi with driving back to Port Charles and talk to Spike to get the rights back to the songs he is claiming as his own despite co-writing them with Madi.

He never said anything about not wanting to pursue music professionally and backed her on everything, including their original deal with Phantom records, then they were dropped and then signed by Lava and then he just ends everything, including their relationship which makes no sense to her.

The two eventually reach Port Charles and arrive at Spike's parent's house. He and Madi wait for about a half hour before he shows up, visibly shocked to not only see Madi, but him of all people.After the release of their album We Stitch These Wounds, Pan was kicked out of the band for differences and his personality.Andy was the target of rumors Pan decided to spread but was able to get rid of them and he continued in the band, and after his exit, Chris and David left and Andy, Ashley and Sandra got Jake Pitts on the lead guitar and his good friend Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson on rhythm guitar.Andy is known to have many tattoos all over his body, such as an upside down cross, the Misfits logo, a dragon fly and Batman.Andy Biersack was born Andrew Dennis Biersack in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at a young age. When Andy was young, he was the "outcast" as you could sayamong many and was one of the only kids that adored to sport black.After another year Sandra left the band and Christian "CC" Coma took over.