Ch 1, 3 dc into next ch 1 sp, ch 1*, repeat from ** twice more ending with sl stitch join into 3rd of beginning chain. Click on following link for the Ultimate Granny Square Invisible Join video tutorial.

Granny hook up for free-57

If you love making granny squares, granny blankets or anything granny then you will love the simple granny scarf!

I was so excited when I was asked to join along with some other great crochet designers on the !

I love going to the resale shops nearby to rummage through the craft sections and see what is new, what is old, and of course, when I find something old, naturally, I must buy!

Which is where I found this fun pattern booklet When I say old, I mean having something with history in your hands, where you can paint a mental picture of it’s past, the smell, the look, honestly, sometimes I feel like I belonged in a different place and time.

I’ll be searching for this one at my local stores =) LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors!

-K Hook -Stitch Markers -Scissors -Blunt Needle Chain 3, join with a slip stitch to form a ring, ch 3, 2 dc in ring, *ch 1, 3 dc in ring*, repeat from ** twice ending with ch 1, join with sl in 3rd of beginning chain.

(See photo below) I made a chain as long as I needed it, measuring around chest area and working into 2nd ch from hook, slip stitched down entire row of chains. This helps us to run a free community along with being able to continue offering Yarn Wars creations for free.

This free quick and easy crochet scarf pattern is a fun modern take on a classic!

Slip st into next 2 st then into 1st ch 1 space to begin round 2.

Ch 3, 2 dc under ch 2 space of corner, ch 2, 3 dc under same chain corner space. *Working next corner space, 3 dc into chain 2 sp, ch 2, 3 dc into same ch 2 corner space.

These older looks are coming back in fashion, and I must warn you all, for my own sanity, I plan on hanging around in vintage land for a bit.