The young girl’s legs were skinnier and you could see the veins in them. Let’s face it, she was filling out nicely, but we still could not seem to be alone. I was dumbfounded by this conversation, confused and frustrated. I couldn’t remain silent any longer and ask Marty, “Who are you talking to? Now they were coming to MY house and spoiling MY time with Megan. As the 20th arrived, we scurried to the airport to meet them. With her arms wide open, she gave Bobby a hug, then Megan, then Tanisha. “Why Bobby, you’re getting so big, come give Grandma another big hug.” Taking him into her arms once again, she planted a big kiss on his lips.Then, the news came, after two and half years living so far away from them, Danny was taking Shelly on a month long vacation and wanted the kids to stay with us. I don’t know who was more excited to see the grandkids, Marty or me. He looked embarrassed and kind of sheepish, then he glanced my direction.

In fact after seeing my glance as she bent down to retrieve something once, she smiled and moved her shoulders forward and allowed the blouse to expose them just a little more. I felt so hurt, but I tried not to show it to Marty.

Her hips had spread a little also and she was starting to develop a nice ass on her. I had met Tanisha on two different occasions while we were up in Chicago.

Bobby and I wore trunks, however Marty, wore a somewhat revealing two piece bikini that made my eyes do a double take. Nice figure, firm breasts and butt and a relatively flat tummy. were compacted into that bikini which barely covered the essentials.

I looked approvingly at her and she replied, “What?

Although they were still by no means big, they stuck out nicely and let the viewer know that there was something there.

And, she really didn’t mind you looking at them, or at least, she didn’t mind my occasional glance.

” “Nooo, its my imagination.” After the grandkids had unpacked and settled into their rooms, Bobby in one and the girls in another, they came out of their rooms ready to take a dip into the pool before getting ready for bed.

We heated our pool, so even though it was early in the season for swimming, it was a perfect 88 degrees.

Not only did she gain a little height and weight, about 4’8” and 85 lbs., she was still a runt, really, but she was developing in her breasts, her shapeliness and contours.