Pylant, who lives in Northeast Washington, showed up at the Truxton Inn in Bloomingdale for a follow-up date with seemingly normal guy Schweiger, whom she initially met while out celebrating her birthday Saturday night.

“The bartender said he did it on Friday night as well and [that] he doesn’t normally pay for the bill,” she adds. Schweiger says he often schedules multiple “conversations,” which ordinarily last from 30 minutes to an hour, to test compatibility before committing to a dinner date. I’m an efficient person.” He assumed the women were aware that these were not “real” dates. Woody, a 25-year-old Tenleytown resident, stood outside Truxton Inn, waiting for Schweiger to reply to her text. after meeting on Bumble.) Schweiger told her he was still at his friend’s house in the neighborhood.

As an IT project manager, he thinks “steps ahead.” “I appreciate time,” he says. At that point, one of Pylant’s friends (not one of the dates) exited Truxton Inn and remarked to Woody: “Can you believe it? Woody headed to Anxo, where Pylant’s friend told her the other dates would be.

“Some comment like that.” Pylant played along, until Schweiger left to take a phone call.

She then filled Incorvaia in on what was likely going down.

Incorvaia, 25, arrived at the bar after leaving work, as Schweiger had been vague about the specific time.

The Arlington resident had matched with Schweiger over the weekend on the dating app Hinge, and he had suggested that they grab a drink sometime.

Raven, 26, called Schweiger and let him know that she was outside the bar.

She had shown up 10 minutes late to the date, but then waited another 10 minutes, with no sign of Schweiger.

There’s this guy inside that’s on his fourth date tonight.” Immediately, Woody knew she was the fifth. (Schweiger, presumably, was still with his fourth date, Bowers.) “I sent him the photo of the four of us together and say, ‘Oh, I found your dates one through three,’ ” Woody says.