While lunch was cooking one of the guys was bathing from a barrel on the other side of the yard.

My summary of this experience: I was in complete awe that they all function normally with the bare minimum and the only reason they are “poor” is because we look at them and say “awwww those poor people”.

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The brother told me it was his daughter in the next room and asked if I’d like to see her. He led me around the front of the house to another door and inside I saw his girlfriend and 3 little girls, aged 8 years, 6 years and 6 months. This is looking out his door into the dark walkway.

The baby immediately smiled at me and the other two girls looked cautious. That walkway is also the place where they told me to pee when I had to go. We all hung out chatting and listening to music until another brother showed up.

I was hesitant but mildly amused at the thought so we all got dressed and hit the streets.

I admit that there were a few moments walking the dark streets of Spanish Town after midnight with three Jamaican men, that my mind wandered to the list of things that could go wrong at any time!

This is a picture of the front yard and behind those walls is where 9 of them live.

The night we arrived I was first shown to my host’s room.We ended up catching a ride with a random car that passed and I think they only stopped because they saw a white female in the group. Its their mother’s room but the mother works away from home so there was an extra bed for me. One of the guys stayed in there with me for my comfort level and we shared the space with the odd spider on the wall behind us.We laid awake and chatted a long time, til about 4am. I told him the total reverse…I was the one who was honored to be a part of their everyday lives.When we arrived we all sat in one room and chatted for a while, and before long one of the brothers who lived in another room came to join us.Through the wall I could hear the sound of an infant child so I asked about it.I agreed without hesitation, not knowing what I was in for.