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She found herself running as bullets fired by Turkish border guards whistled past her ears.

The couple settled in a guesthouse in the town of Jarablus in Syria, before moving into a house with Ahmed’s brother, Walid, who was also a jihadi fighter, and his wife Salma, who spent much of her time with her sister, Zahra.

Today, three years later, she is living in fear of her life. Nor was there any plan for the young couple to come to Britain. Instead, Ahmed Khalil, who grew up near London, forced Mitat to accompany him to Syria, to the centre of the so-called Isis ‘caliphate’ — a medieval-style religious state run by the terror group — where he became a jihadist fighter.

Terrified and cut off from her friends and family, Mitat had no choice but to set up home alongside other ‘Isis brides’, many of them British, including the notorious ‘Terror Twins’ from Manchester, the ‘White Widow’ from Kent, and the schoolgirl runaways from Bethnal Green, East London.

The twins flew from Manchester to Turkey, where they posed with other runaways as a family on holiday, and later crossed the Syrian border.

On arrival, one of them declared: ‘I am 16 years old and among the warriors of Isis.’To Mitat, though, they were strangers.

It was only there, by talking to the other women, that she learned Ahmed’s real plans.‘I told him, all our time together is just lies,’ she says.

‘I just wanted to have a normal life with my husband and my kids.’But Ahmed told her: ‘You are my wife and you have to obey me.’She decided to ask a border officer for help, but that chance never came as Ahmed made her enter the country illegally.

In August 2014, he announced the plan to move to Turkey.‘He told me: “I have a surprise for you, but I will give it to you in Turkey,”’ she explains.